Review: DIY Gold Standard Spray Polish

DIY Detail Gold Standard Spray Polish

Unique spray-on polish works exceedingly well!

Best polish review remove swirls scratches water spots oxidation Mike Phillips


Yvan Lacroix and Nick McGurk the dynamic duo behind the DIY Detail brand have introduced a unique new polish that offers amazing abrasive technology using a spray-on delivery system.

First I want to point out that as far as I'm concerned, the delivery system is second to the performance of the product.  Most people know me as a paint polisher, that is to say I'm more known for doing extreme makeovers on interesting cars, I'm not really known as a famous carpet cleaner.  And when it comes to polishing paint, the MOST IMPORTANT thing is the abrasive technology. 


Great question and it's real simple - when it comes to polishing paint, it's the product, that is the abrasive technology that touches the paint first.

Of course using the right pad, the correct tool for the job and good technique are vitally important but it is the abrasive technology that will either make you the hero or the zero.


Mike Phillips Test Drive

If you send me a compound, polish or an AIO - you better be darn sure it works or you're not going to like my review.  Actually, after testing any product, if the abrasive technology isn't top-shelf, then I'll do you the favor of letting you know there's room for improvement and after that I'll hold off on the review until you've had a chance to reformulate.


Totally impressed with Gold Standard Spray Polish

After receiving a sample, I gave the product a try on my Black Truth Teller Demo Hood.  This is a hood I pulled off a car back when I was in Oregon and have been using it at trade shows and in classes for going on over 20 years.  Of course I have it repainted as needed so there's always plenty of clear paint to test on.


Black is not a color - it's a full time job

The thing about black paint is it shows everything.  It would be a waste of time to test out a compound, polish or all-in-one cleaner/wax on any other color because you're simply not going to see the true and accurate results.

The current condition of my demo hood was in pretty rough shape, it had been moved around in a van and then a truck back and forth to multiple car shows and the recent Mobile Tech Expo show back in January of this year and had tons of swirls, scratches and marring.


Test parameters

I kept it real simple, I grabbed a Lake Country HDO Orange Foam Polishing pad on a FLEX BEAST 8mm gear-driven orbital polisher.

I sprayed 2 mists of polish onto the face of the pad and then proceeded to machine polish the hood.

Best polish review remove swirls scratches water spots oxidation Mike Phillips



To be honest, I wasn't expecting to be impressed.  So many compounds, polishes and AIOs I test leave micro-marring in the paint when used with an orbital polisher.  And because the MOST DIFFICULT product to bring onto the market are the products that use abrasive technology, I kind of figured this new polish would work, but I also kind of figured it would be like so many other products and that is - leave some level of micro-marring in the finish when the paint is chemically stripped and inspected using a bright swirl finder light like the ScanGrip Sunmatch 4 Detailing Light.

Best polish review remove swirls scratches water spots oxidation Mike Phillips




Not only did this product NOT leave any micro-marring, it actually left an incredibly crystal clear, flawless finish.

Best polish review remove swirls scratches water spots oxidation Mike Phillips


Long buffing cycle and ZERO DUSTING

I don't know a single person that likes products that dry up and create dust as you buff.  Short buffing cycles, (called Open Time by chemists), are a sign of a poor formula and dust is just a pain to deal with and messy too.  This new spray-on polish by DYI Detail seem to never dry up, it's as though I could have buffed for hours and get this... ZERO DUSTING.


But that's not all folks

Easy wipe-off.  Besides stellar performance, professional grade results and long buffing cycle, the product was incredibly easy to wipe-off.



I will use this product and I will recommend it to others looking for a pro grade polish.  I would especially recommend this to anyone NEW to detailing and specifically new to machine paint correction.  It's just a super nice product.


Pleasant scent and in a cylindrical bottle

Working with products that have a nice scent is always... well... nice, but out of all the criteria I use to judge a compound, polish or AIO, it's the least important.  The most important is ALWAYS the abrasive technology.  That said this product does smell good.   The cylindrical or round bottle is also nice as this shape is easy to slip into the pocket of a shop apron or stable when set on a work bench.

I give this polish the highest rating - 5 Stars.

Click the link below to get your own bottle!

DIY Detail Gold Standard Polish



We are also a official distributors of FLEX Power Tools.  Here's link to the polisher I used for the testing and also my  favorite oribital polisher out of every option on the market today.

FLEX 'The Beast' XC 3401 VRG Dual Action Orbital Polisher


Lake Country Buffing Pads

Lake Country HDO Orange Foam Polishing Pad


Nice work Nick and Ivan!

-Mike Phillips


Best polish review remove swirls scratches water spots oxidation Mike Phillips

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Hi Jacob,

In order,

Is this product is able to be used with a range of polishing pads?

Also will it stain trim?
I did not test on trim so I don’t have a real-world answer. Here’s my take though, even when a product is advertized as WON’T STAIN TRIM – I still either avoid getting the product on the trim or tape the trim off. The reason why is because,

A: I don’t need the headache if the product does in fact stain trim.
B: At the end of the detail job – I’m tired. I’d rather remove painter’s tape and be done versus take a wax remover and a toothbrush and scrub trim with my fingers crossed I can remove the polish residue.

What type of abrasive technology is it?
Great question. I don’t have access to this information. You could reach out to Yvan and Nick and ask them. What I did was test the product on black paint and then chemically stripped the paint to inspect the results and the results looked great.

Hope that helps…

-Mike Phillips

Jacob Harrod

Jacob Harrod

Mike, I was wondering if this product is able to be used with a range of polishing pads like? Also will it stain trim? What type of abrasive technology is it?

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