NEW! 6mm Drive Unit for the FLEX PXE-80

NEW! 6mm Drive Unit for the FLEX PXE-80

Here's a short video that shares what all the excitement is about with the introduction of the new 6mm Drive Unit for the FLEX PXE-80 Cordless Polisher!


After the FLEX PXE-80 was introduced and I had a chance to use it for a while, here's what I found out,

1: The rotary unit worked great for doing surgical rotary work.
2: The 3mm drive unit worked great for machine sanding to remove dirt nibs in fresh custom paint shop in body shops.
3: The 12mm works good for paint correction but like most/all long stroke free spinning random orbital polishers, the outer edge of the buffing pad will have leverage over the drive unit causing pad stalling.

Besides doing paint correction, I also teach sanding in my car and boat classes and do custom sanding work for clients. Case in point, I have a 1967 Mustang, California Special coming up real fast that I'll be sanding to remove orange peel and then ceramic coating.

The issue
When sanding with a 12mm drive unit, the orbit stroke pattern is so large, you cannot sand close to edges or raised body lines. The close you try to sand to these areas the great the risk you'll sand ON THEM. This is risky and dangerous because the paint tends to be a tick thinner on edges and raised body lines. Also, removing sanding marks ON edges or raised body lines is even more risky because it only takes a few seconds of too much buffing and you burn through the paint.

The solution
About a year ago, I asked FLEX to make me a 6mm, 7mm or 8mm drive unit to test out for machine sanding. I received a 6mm drive unit and gave it a though test. Here's what I found,

A: The 6mm drive unit works great for precision machine sanding next to edges and raised body lines.

B: The 6mm drive unit is better able to maintain pad rotating when doing paint correction.


I'm happy to say Chris Metcalf recently told me the new 6mm drive units have been in production and are in transit to the USA. We don't have a set date as to when they will arrive in our warehouse but starting next week you can pre-order on

If you want one, shoot me an email and I'll make sure you get to the front of the line.


Here's a picture showing how I'm able to machine dry right next to the edge without actually sanding on the edge.

6mm FLEX Drive Unit for the FLEX PXE-80 Cordless Mini Polisher Game Changer

6mm FLEX Drive Unit for the FLEX PXE-80 Cordless Mini Polisher Game Changer


You can't sand next to edges or raised body lines with the 12mm drive unit because you risk sanding ON the edge.  And the 3mm drive unit cannot maintain disc rotation, so it's not really on option.

The NEW 6mm drive unit works perfect for both machine dry and machine wet sanding and it also works better for paint correction.  It's the missing link for the coolest cordless mini polisher from FLEX.


FLEX PXE 80 12-EC Cordless Mini Polisher Deluxe Kit

6mm FLEX PXE-80 Drive Unit - Coming soon!



Questions?  Shoot me an email or give me a call.

Mike Phillips
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